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Use It Or Lose It

Your Voice Matters!

We believe that every voice matters and that every person deserves to be heard. To amp up your personal effectiveness, rediscover your voice and use it without holding back. After all, that's part of the reason you were hired.
Whats Holding You Back

Perception vs. Reality

Somewhere along the way, you started to refrain from offering your input and opinions. Something made it seem to risky to share your thoughts. 

But are you, perhaps, operating on outdated information? Do your perceptions match what people really want from you? Or if your silence self-imposed and no longer serving you well?

Don't stop looking for ways to voice your thoughts!

Consider What You're Missing

If you're holding back, you're depriving your team of the input, questions, opinions, and experience you could offer. That's a big loss for everyone!

It's a loss for you, too, if you aren't using your voice. Your voice matters to others and it matters for you, too. Staying engaged, motivated, considered, and satisfied in your work is far less likely if you're editing yourself and suppressing your contributions. 

You deserve more, and it's up to you to use your voice and say what you think, what you need, and what you can offer.

Benefits of Using Your Voice

Next steps for finding & using your voice

Watch the recorded webinar that explains why your voice matters

It's free on People First Leadership Academy. If you're holding back, this is a MUST-WATCH for you.


Enroll in the Essentials of Personal Effectiveness course (it's free!)

Build confidence, assertiveness, and gravitas. This free, 10-part course is packed with encouragement, resources, and practical steps for stepping into your full potential.


Consider working with a coach to build comfort and skills

Over 90% of executives have worked with a coach at some point in their career. If you're looking for an accelerated path toward self-actualization, a coach can help.