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is this the root cause of your team troubles?

Communication Skills Breakdowns

Poor listening. Not enough quality questions. A lack of clarity. Mixed messages. Team members holding back.
If your team is trying to operate in the midst of communication breakdowns, team effectiveness will be compromised. 
start with an honest assessment

Are you experiencing any of these 10 symptoms?

Instead of blaming team members, start by examining your people practices, soft skills, and communication cascading protocols. These 10 symptoms indicate communication breakdowns in teams. 

If you see these issues in your organization, let's address the root cause issues and improve team communication. 

Solutions for Communication Breakdowns

Learn to craft and ask quality questions. DISCOVER Questions® improve every conversation and build stronger workplace connections. Click the image above to attend a free, introductory workshop. Then let's talk about how better questions lead to better team effectiveness.
Effective Communication in Healthy Organizations (ECHO) is a validated instrument for building listening intelligence. Click the image above to register for a free, introductory workshop. Then let's talk about ECHO Listening assessments and deeper level learning to improve communication for your team. 
In the Age of Infobesity, living in a VUCA world, everyone is looking for clarity, simplicity, and certainty. Strong communicators are Sensemakers. When team members can rely on each other for sensemaking, collaboration and cohesiveness are the natural outcomes. Click the image above to view an on-demand webinar about sensemaking. Then let's talk about how to boost your team's sensemaking competencies.

Everyone expects high-performing individuals to gather and instantly become high-performing teams. It takes a little more intentional effort, though, to make that happen. Click the image above to view a snack-sized recording about team effectiveness. Then let's talk about how to equip your team with communication tools and skills for every step in becoming a highly effective team. 

Assessments and workshops based on Patrick Lencioni's book, The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team, will improve communication and teamwork. 

Since it all starts with trust, click the image above to register for a free workshop about the importance of building mutual trust for teams. Then let's talk about setting your team up with an assessment to reveal which of The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team is causing communications breakdowns and other issues.

Communication Breakdown

Misunderstandings, Mistakes, Mistrust & Mysteries

Work on team communication skills to get teams back to work. The strongest teams have strong communication skills. It's not optional if you want to optimize results!

Our solutions and tools have been time-tested and proven to work with all types of teams. We customize delivery and selected tools to deliver the results you're looking for. Let's talk soon about how to boost performance by building team communication skills.