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Reframing Conflict

Conflict at Work Can Be Healthy

Conflict avoidance isn't serving your team well. Unproductive conflict, rife with personal attacks, damages relationships. But there is different way to engage in conflict at work... a way that strengthens teams, improves decision quality, and builds trust and commitment to the team and its efforts. Reframing conflict is essential for teams!
Benefits of Productive Conflict
Productive Conflict
collaboration starts with conflict!

The biggest barrier to quality conflict at work is...

With the best of intentions, many team members try to avoid conflict and squelch healthy debate. Without that debate, teams settle for watered down solutions and compromises. 

For truly collaborative engagements, team members must become comfortable with conflict at work and understand its benefits. They need the skills to engage effectively and the foundation of 2-way trust. Our assessments and workshops strengthen teams so they can deliver desired outcomes and stretch beyond compromises. 

Discover your dominant style in conflict at work

Conflict management. Conflict resolution. The hidden costs of unproductive conflict that wastes time, disenfranchises team members, reduces engagement and morale, and leaves lasting fractures in team relationships.

Instead of avoiding conflict, learn to make the most of it. Make it a core competency to engage in productive conflict. We can help you get started with our powerful workshops that are backed by the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI). The TKI reveals individual style(s) in conflict and helps people understand alternative ways of engaging when there is disagreement or when negotiation is needed. Check out our popular, free, introductory workshop.