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Your subject-matter expertise + Emotional Intelligence = unstoppable you!

Emotional Intelligence Is a Superpower

Tired of being misunderstood, mischaracterized, and mistaken about other people?
Put yourself in the driver's seat by learning about emotional intelligence (EI). Learn about your natural strengths and your opportunities for developing additional strengths that will help you improve connections in the workplace.

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EISA Model




This package is ideal for people who want:

Stronger Connections

You'll communicate and interact with others in ways that improve bonds, understanding, and mutual trust -- even those who work remotely and in other locations. 

To Manage Their Emotionality

You'll develop a stronger ability to take charge of your emotions, making conscious decisions about when and how to display emotions in effective ways.

To Understand Others' Emotions

You'll gain insights into understanding social surroundings, mood, vibe, and cues about the feelings of other people and how they are responding to you. 

Coaching is completely confidential. Your coach will not share the results of your assessment or anything discussed in your coaching sessions.