Stop Selling & Start Leading

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This book is about the EXTRAORDINARY THINGS sellers do when they stop pushing people to buy before they’re ready, and they start guiding buyers by transforming:


Mainly, this is a book about YOU. It’s about what your buyers want YOU to do and how you can excel by stepping into your full potential as a leader.


The experts that brought you The Leadership Challenge® and DISCOVER Questions® Get You Connected have teamed up to create the behavioral blueprint for sellers based on buyer preferences.

This book shows modern sellers how to be more effective by showing up as leaders.

  • Find out the surprising results from the research study with B2B buyers.
  • Learn The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® and how these behaviors can increase sales.
  • Step into your full leadership potential.
  • Make simple behavioral shifts that will change how buyers respond to you.
  • Feel good about the work you do in sales.


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  • How Sales Contributes to the Customer Experience in B2B
  • The All-New Needs Assessment is Dialogic vs. Diagnostic
  • How to Inspire Your Buyer
  • Stop Selling & Start Leading®: An Overview
  • Buyers Have Changed. Have You?


There’s a significant relationship between the extent that sellers report that they experiment and take risks, even when there is a chance of failure, and their productivity. Those who most frequently engage in this leadership behavior report a productivity rate that is three to four times that reported by sellers at the other end of the continuum.
Those sellers who feel most proud of what they do and most effective in their jobs are those who report most frequently setting a personal example of what they expect of others.
The sellers who rated themselves the most productive indicated that they treat people with dignity and respect nearly three times more often than those who were at the bottom of the productivity scale.
Ninety percent of sellers who report that they very frequently find ways to celebrate accomplishments indicate a strong degree of team spirit versus only thirty percent of those who rarely celebrate.
The most productive sellers indicate that they are nearly always communicating with genuine conviction, and with the big picture in mind.

About the Authors

  • James Kouzes

    James Kouzes is the Dean’s Executive Fellow of Leadership, Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University, and he lectures on leadership around the world to corporations, governments, and non-profits. The Wall Street Journal cited him as one of the twelve best executive educators in the United States.

    He has been awarded numerous distinctions, including the Thought Leadership Award from the Instructional Systems Association and being named one the Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business Behavior by Trust Across America.

    Kouzes and Posner are the authors of The Leadership Challenge, Learning Leadership, Credibility, The Truth about Leadership, A Leader’s Legacy, Encouraging the Heart, among many other works. They also developed the highly acclaimed Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI)®.

  • Barry Posner

    Barry Posner is the Accolti Professor of Leadership and former Dean of the Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University. An accomplished scholar, he also provides leadership workshops and seminars worldwide. He works with public and private sector organizations, consulting at a strategic level.

    An internationally renowned scholar and educator, he has authored more than 100 research and practitoner-focused articles and received the Outstanding Scholar Award for Career Achievement from the Journal of Management Inquiry.

  • Deb Calvert

    Deb Calvert is the President of People First Productivity Solutions, a boutique training and consulting firm that builds organizational strength by putting people first.

    Her first book, DISCOVER Questions® Get You Connected, was named one of the “Top 20 Most Highly-Rated Sales Books of All Time” by HubSpot. She was recently named one of the “65 Most Influential Women in Business” by Tenfold, and she consistently appears on lists naming the top global Sales Influencers.

    Deb founded The Sales Experts Channel, a brain trust of leading sales authors, speakers and trainers, and she is the UC-Berkeley Instructor for the popular Sales Development Principles course. Deb is also a Certified Master of The Leadership Challenge® and Certified Coach, Sales & Leadership Speaker, and Trainer.
    An internationally renowned scholar and educator, he has authored more than 100 research and practitoner-focused articles and received the Outstanding Scholar Award for Career Achievement from the Journal of Management Inquiry.