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Engaging on-demand webinars for sales managers who need just-in-time resources to fill gaps in the sales manager training they’ve received (or not received…). PFPS sales webinars provide practical information and actionable steps to help you increase your team’s sales productivity. You’ll learn to do both parts of your job: to manage sales AND to lead people.


High-impact, on-demand webinars for sellers who want to build their skills, boost their sales effectiveness, and get an edge on the competition. Our webinars will give you insights that aren’t offered anywhere else.


Unlike canned, boring monologues, our custom webinar presentations for clients are highly interactive. They’re more like small group coaching. PFPS understands your sales and sales management challenges. We understand your sales management challenges, adapt our approach to audience needs, and interact with you as mentors and coaches instead of delivering one-way presentations.



With 150 topics to choose from, our webinars are available a la carte or in mix-and-match packages to meet the unique needs of your sales organization. You can select pre-recorded delivery, along with options for highly-interactive group sessions and 1-to-1 sales and management coaching. All of our content is research-based, rich in examples and activities, and designed so attendees will be fully engaged and able to immediately apply what they learn.

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Popular Sales Webinars:


On-demand, pre-recorded content for sellers AND custom small group coaching via webinar for your team. It’s a thrifty and highly effective way to accelerate learning and increase sales effectiveness!


  • Creating Value for Every Buyer
  • DISCOVER Questions® Get You Connected
  • Stop Selling & Start Leading
  • Sales Hacks to Save You Time
  • Tips for Time & Territory Management
  • Invalidating Objections in 5 Easy Steps
  • Strategic Prospecting – the Effort Equals Opportunity Formula
  • Dialogic vs. Diagnostic Needs Assessment


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Popular Webinars for Sales Managers


On-demand, pre-recorded content for Sales Managers AND custom small group coaching via webinar for your management team. It’s a thrifty and highly effective way to become more effective in both parts of your job: managing sales AND leading people!


  • How to Motivate Sellers
  • Creating a Results-Oriented Sales Culture
  • Setting Sales Expectations
  • The Difference between Mentoring and Coaching
  • The 7 Drivers of Sales Productivity
  • Sales Selection for Sales Retention
  • Effective Onboarding & Ramp Up for Sales Success
  • How to Make Sure Your Sales Training Sticks


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