People First Productivity Solutions | Deb is an inspiring storyteller. Your audience will be entertained and motivated by one of the most engaging sales speakers in the industry.
Learn how to ask the right questions to open and close more sales. Our sales training programs are customized to your industry and sales team.
sales training programs
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Sales Training

Sales Training Programs Customized for Your People

For sales managers and directors who need to help their teams develop selling skills beyond product and systems classes, People First Productivity Solutions provides customized sales training programs to fit your industry, your sellers, and your buyers.

No ineffective off-the-shelf content or one-size-fits-all programs that rarely actually fit anyone. We conduct pre-workshop surveys and interviews with your people, then apply industry-specific customization to precisely address the needs of your team and the real challenges they face.

Deliver on the Numbers by Developing Your Sales Team


CONNECT2Sell™ Sales Training & Coaching
Fundamentals for modern selling. Don’t get left behind!

The DISCOVER Questions® Sales Accelerator Workshop
Customized to your industry and sales team. Based on buyer research on how sellers can open and close more sales

Launch New Hire Sales Training
For New Hire Advertising Sales Reps in Media Companies

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