When you Want to Make ‘em Think, Make ‘em Laugh
and Make ‘em Come Back for More,
Deb Calvert is the Leadership & Sales Speaker for You

Keynote Speaker for Sales, Leadership & Team Effectiveness

Deb Calvert

Author of one of the highest-rated sales books of all time (HubSpot award), Deb is an inspiring… sales speaker and storyteller. Your audience will be engaged by her stories and motivated by her practical prescription for taking a second look at the way things are done. Deb has been publicly speaking in a wide variety of venues since she was in high school and winning awards as an orator and debater. Her extensive training, selling, and radio show hosting make her a natural with any audience.

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Speaker Distinctions:

  • Consistently appears on lists naming the top global sales influencers
  • Named one of the 65 Most Influential Women in Business by Tenfold
  • Author of DISCOVER Questions® Get You Connected, one of HubSpot’s “Top 20 Most Highly-Rated Sales Books of All Time”
  • Described by Apttus as “an excellent, engaging speaker, true thought leader and visionary” who received the highest marks of all speakers at their annual conference
Deb Calvert - Sales Speaker

5 Things I Vow Never To Do As A Sales Keynote Speaker

  1. Use Archaic Data or Ideas
  2. Ignore Others’ Experiences
  3. Deliver a Canned Speech
  4. Bully the Audience
  5. All Fluff, No Stuff

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Top Theme for Sales Meetings & Events

Stop Selling & Start Leading®

Only 19% of buyers consider time with sellers to be valuable.


That’s why buyers won’t engage earlier and fail to recognize what your sellers bring to the table.


It doesn’t have to be that way. Research with buyers reveals how sellers can differentiate themselves, create value, deliver a high-impact customer experience, and close more sales.


The surprising findings are sweeping the globe and revolutionizing sales. Are your sellers going to join the movement, or will your organization fall behind?


Why Choose Stop Selling & Start Leading® for Your Sales Kickoff Meeting?


You don’t want more-of-the-same, heard-it-before, go-team-go rehash to start the new year. You’ve got high hopes, big goals, and significant challenge for this quota period. Your sales rallies need to have a positive and lasting impact on seller performance and effectiveness. Just think what could happen if your sellers left that meeting with renewed confidence, swagger, and clarity about the value they bring to buyers.


That’s how audiences respond to Deb’s Stop Selling & Start Leading® presentation. It’s engaging, interactive, and entertaining. The research with buyers is surprising, and the shift they’re asking sellers to make is something every seller should know.

How will it impact my sales team?

Above all, Stop Selling & Start Leading® aims to help sellers do the following:

  • Exhibit the specific behaviors that lead to more sales
  • Step into their full potential as leaders
  • Understand how to apply the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® to open more opportunities and close more deals
  • Feel good about the noble profession of selling again

“Sounds great, but how do I know I’ll actually see these results?” Great question! Here are the outcomes other organizations have seen, plus what makes Stop Selling & Start Leading® an unprecedented advantage for your team.

Organizational Benefits:

  • Immediate applicability to business problems sellers are facing today
  • Personalized approach for your audience – every event is one-of-a-kind
  • Practical, proven, actionable information leads to meaningful results

Content Authority:

  • Research backed by Santa Clara University, Qualtrics Panel Study and Wiley Publishing
  • Based on 30 years of research by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner, creators of The Leadership Challenge®
  • Featured by Forrester Research in an article on modern buyer/seller dynamics
  • Endorsed by numerous esteemed authors, leaders and sales experts – read reviews here


In short, the value your organization will take away from a Stop Selling & Start Leading® sales meeting absolutely dwarfs the initial investment.


Join the movement to Stop Selling & Start Leading® with this high-energy, audience- participation, uplifting presentation that will truly get your next quota period off to a great start.

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