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Sales development solutions turn sellers into business builders. Enable your entire sales team to advance sales more quickly. Learn more!
sales development solutions
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Sales Development Solutions

How to Connect with Buyers and
Advance Sales More Efficiently

For sales VPs and directors who need to improve sales results and team retention by developing stronger sales teams, we provide coaching, training, consulting, and speaking that promotes sales development and enhances selling effectiveness.

Our sales development solutions for sales professionals at all levels, from entry-level salespeople to executive leadership. Our training programs, webinars, and speaking engagements are designed to increase selling effectiveness throughout your entire organization.

We base our selling skills approach on research with buyers, backed by more than 20 years of experience in sales and leadership consulting.

There’s no need to change your organization to make our programs fit. We customize our programs to fit you. We learn about your organization, your buyers, your sellers, and your needs. Then we build sales skills training and coaching solutions that help you achieve your goals.

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Sales Manager Training

Employee engagement requires leadership skills.

We blend leadership skills with focused sales manager training to achieve higher levels of sales employee engagement and retention PLUS boost sales productivity.


Sales Development Training

Sales development begins with people.

We conduct pre-workshop surveys and interviews with your people, then apply industry-specific customization to precisely address the needs of your team and the real challenges they face.


Sales Training Webinars

Deb Calvert’s online presentations are highly interactive.

She understands your sales management challenges, adapts her approach to audience needs, and speaks directly to you as a mentor and coach.

DISCOVER Questions® Get You Connected

Deb Calvert’s lauded book DISCOVER Questions® Get You Connected makes sales development a realistic and achievable goal for any organization. Here is one of many positive reviews from highly successful sales professionals:

For anyone who wants to learn how to think as their customers think, I recommend reading this book. Your sales life will improve immediately. Congratulations, Deb. You have created a classic.

Tom Reilly, the guy who wrote the book on Value-Added Selling

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