Workplace Conversations / Conversaciones en el Trabajo

Supervisor Skills & Management Training: delivered Virtually or On-Site

⭐ Customized webinar/video series delivery available

⭐ For groups of supervisors

⭐ Taught in English and/or Spanish

Want a Happier Workplace with Higher Productivity Rates? Let’s Talk!

Workplace Conversations / Conversaciones en el Trabajo gives your supervisors the tools and skills they need to manage work and people more effectively.

Your supervisors will learn how to:

⭐ Step into their full potential as leaders
⭐ Set expectations and communicate with clarity
⭐ Give and receive feedback
⭐ Delegate and Coach for Development
⭐ Manage Change and build the organization

Why choose this management training program?

Employees who are engaged, enabled and encouraged are happier at work. They go the extra mile, and their boosted productivity shows throughout the organization.

When supervisors don’t have basic supervisory skills, it creates conflict and high turnover.

This management skills training program helps your supervisors engage employees to improve retention, increase employee happiness, and create a collaborative work environment for all workers.


Getting Your C-Suite On Board With On-Site Training for Your Supervisors

Training is not a small investment, but it’s worth it. Watch the webinar Making the Business Case for Leadership Development for data and tips to help gain internal support for your vision to develop the future leaders in your organization.

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Workplace Conversations

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