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For management organizations and associations as well as corporate leaders looking for inspiration and information from evidence-based models of leadership, Deb Calvert dynamically delivers engaging and interactive content that will make you think, make you smile, and make you take action.

Forget off-the-shelf or one-size-fits-all programs. Deb is an insightful, energetic leadership speaker who customizes every presentation to fit the audience and their needs.

When you Want to Make ‘em Think, Make ‘em Laugh
and Make ‘em Come Back for More,
Deb Calvert is the Leadership
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Deb Calvert, Keynote Speaker Deb is an inspiring storyteller. Your audience will be engaged by her stories and motivated by her practical prescription for taking a second look at the way things are done. Deb has been publicly speaking in a wide variety of venues since she was in high school and winning awards as an orator and debater. Her extensive training, selling, and radio show hosting make her a natural leadership speaker with any audience.

Sales, Leadership, Team Effectiveness

Deb’s 5 Most Popular Topics

Leadership at Every Level

Leadership isn’t a job title. It’s not a natural-born quality. It’s not an endowment of authority. Leadership is an attitude, backed by a set of behaviors. Anyone can be a leader…
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Stop Selling & Start Leading®!

It is one of the most significant shifts in economic history. Buyers demand that sellers behave differently. That’s why sellers who behave as leaders are sellers who are selling more. Train your sales team on how they, too, can become leaders. 
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DISCOVER Questions® for Real Connections

When you know how to ask questions and understand the purpose of eight discrete types of questions, you are in the driver’s seat of every conversation… 
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Are You Managing or Leading?

What’s the difference between managing and leading? Should managers lead? Should leaders manage? What’s the appropriate balance?… 
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The 12 Dimensions of Trust

Trust is the glue we need for every interpersonal connection to stick. Trust is the foundation of every effective team… But many people breach trust and don’t even realize it because there are (surprisingly!) 12 Dimensions of Trust to attend to… 
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