Online Supervision & Management Training

Self-Paced eLearning Course

In your role, you’re being asked to manage work and to lead people. 

You’re juggling a lot of responsibilities, and supervising other people is new territory. But you want to get results. You want:

  • Your team to be satisfied and productive
  • To get stellar results and improve team morale
  • Your words and actions to inspire and motivate people
  • To become the best manager you can be

Workplace Conversations can make all of this happen (and more).

Workplace Conversations

Online Management Training for First Time Supervisors and Experienced Managers 

Workplace Conversations is the self-paced, affordable, do-it-yourself online course that will set you up for success as a supervisor. It’s convenient and portable – you can access this training course on the go, from any device, and your progress is saved so you can switch between devices.

This supervisor training program has been offered to hundreds of companies throughout North America over the past decade and is taught in both English and Spanish as a group workshop. Now it’s available to individuals online as a DIY training course.

Workplace Conversations will help you become the manager and leader everyone wants to work with.

  • Learn Basic Supervisory Skills

    • Boost the level of employee engagement on your team
    • Step into your full potential as a leader
    • Communicate with clarity and credibility
    • Conduct candid conversations without making others feel defensive
    • Delegate effectively
    • Lead change initiatives
    • Coach for development
    • Listen and understand others better
    • Turbocharge your team for peak performance
    • Retain top talent and attract superstar performers
    • Enable and ennoble people to stretch themselves as leaders, too

Now hosted on our new platform!

The People First Leadership Academy is our brand-new, fully revamped platform for Workplace Conversations and More. Check out our all-new videos and quick read course on PFLA.


“I just finished the Workplace Conversations course! I think it’s really great, and the information will be really useful at my new job! Plus, it made me more clearly identify what it is that my current managers are doing wrong (ha ha). I especially liked all the handouts and stuff that you can get sent to you to use at any time. And the sections on candor and feedback are going to be helpful in my regular life, too!”
– Libby Snow, first-time manager
“I learned a lot from Workplace Conversations about how to manage better. I also learned how to be a better leader. I’ll be thinking more about my credibility and choices now. I have some strategies now to work on issues that were in my review. Thank you!”
– Anonymous, agriculture industry manager
“It is with an abundance of enthusiasm, complete respect, and acknowledgment of its effectiveness that I am honored to recommended Deb Calvert’s Workplace Conversations program. As a young professional, taking on your first management position is overwhelming and it’s difficult to know where to begin. Deb has solved this issue with this interactive course. It is perfect for active professionals because it is flexible and customizable. You get out of this program what you put into it and I have sincerely benefitted from everything it has to offer. My communication with my superiors, peers, and the individuals I lead has bloomed tremendously. Workplace Conversation’s ease of use in conjunction with its tangible advice and action steps makes it the perfect fit for anyone looking to sharpen their skills and grow as a professional.”
– Katelynn Smith