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Delegating for Development

If you're doing it all yourself, you're doing it all wrong!

The #1 reason high potential talent leaves organizations is that they don’t see sufficient development opportunities and are bored with their current work (source: CEB).

Research with managers reveals that many fail to delegate because they lack the skills needed for effective delegation. Others hold back because they don’t have a good sense of their team members’ capabilities.

The result is lost opportunity for expanded capacity, lost talent, and low levels of employee engagement.

If you're not delegating, you're missing opportunities to:

  • Help employees develop new skills and expand capacity
  • Develop yourself by tackling "next level" learning and tasks
  • Innovate, improve, and include others in meaningful ways
Illustration of interdependent people

There's a Better Way!

Delegating for Development makes it possible EVERY DAY to enable, ennoble and engage employees. The advantages far outweigh the initial time investment and learning curve. No matter how busy others are, there's always room for delegating done right.

Our management training course, Workplace Conversations, will equip you with the skills for delegating effectively. When supervisors and managers delegate following the 8 Steps of Effective Delegation, everything becomes easier! You'll also learn how to determine what to delegate and who to delegate to. We'll even cover the reasons to delegate and the concerns you may have about over-burdening employees.

Not ready for the full course? Attend this free workshop that introduces the Delegating for Development approach. It's a free, fun, highly interactive workshop available exclusively on People First Leadership Academy. 

Need a quick start? This infographic will give you a starting point. When you’re ready for the next steps, call People First Productivity Solutions. We build organizational strength by putting PEOPLE first. We can support your efforts with manager training and 1:1 coaching.

infographic on delegating for development