Workshops for Sales, Leadership & Teams

People First Productivity Solutions workshops teach, challenge and elevate your team members to increase overall business productivity. Workshops are led by trained facilitators and are designed to create immediate impact for your organization.

On-Demand & Custom Workshops

Below is a list of our most popular workshops (custom workshops are also available to meet your unique needs). Architecture of comprehensive business productivity solutions typically include workshops like these supplemented with additional tools.

Workshops are delivered to business teams in person or via webinar format. Some of our workshops are also available in eLearning for individual sellers, managers and leaders.

⭐ Who it’s for: Supervisors and managers

Workplace Conversations / Conversaciones en el Trabajo gives your supervisors the tools and skills they need to manage work and people more effectively. Employees who are engaged, enabled and ennobled in their work apply additional discretionary effort. That results in increased productivity, improved retention of employees and customers, and positive revenue impacts!

Format: Instructor-led on-site or via webinar series. Also available in eLearning format for individuals.

Participants Will:

  • Boost employee engagement levels
  • Improve retention rates of your high potential employees
  • Increase productivity, customer satisfaction, top-line revenue, and profitability

⭐ Who it’s for: Sellers who want to form stronger and longer-lasting connections with buyers

Based on the research and award-winning book, the DISCOVER Questions® workshop enables sellers to form and sustain strong connections with buyers. This workshop is facilitated on-site at your location and comes with a customized workbook for your sellers (branded for your organization).

Format: Instructor-led workshop for sales teams are customized by industry and include 4-color workbook for review and ongoing skills practice. Optional survey of workshop participants to further customize content and accelerate adoption. New — available for individual sellers in an eLearning format (non-customizable).

Participants Will:

  • Become more purposeful and strategic in using questions to engage their buyers
  • Create unique and relevant value for their buyers
  • Make every sales call count
  • Differentiate themselves from the pack
  • Become more effective in all stages of their sales process
DISCOVER Questions book, One of Hubspot's Most Highly-Rated Sales Books of All Time


⭐ Who it’s for: Sales Managers who are responsible for revenue goal attainment that is achieved through the work of inside or outside sales teams.

This is the course that covers it all: how to manage sales AND how to lead people. It begins with a look at putting people first so Sales Managers develop highly competent and confidence sellers and are not doing the work of selling.

Format: 26-week certificate program includes 2 on-site group workshops and 12 webinars. Participants will use tools and techniques between each session for continual learning and application of skills.

Participants Will:

  • Become more effective in both short-term goal attainment AND long-term business growth
  • Develop skills to manage sales AND lead people
  • Expand selling capacity for your team
  • Practice true sales coaching (not mentoring!) to increase seller autonomy
  • Improve engagement and retention levels of sales talent
  • Shift from making sales to making a higher-level strategic impact
  • Leverage the 7 primary drivers of sales productivity to improve sales performance


⭐ Who it’s for: Workshops are available for leaders at every level — from the C-Suite to the Emerging Leaders who are preparing for roles where they will influence others.

The Leadership Challenge is a global campaign to liberate the leader in everyone. The Leadership Challenge has helped millions of leaders gain clarity in their vision and purpose. Approaching leadership as a measurable, learnable, and teachable set of behaviors, The Leadership Challenge framework grew out of rigorous research that first began in 1982 when Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner set out to understand those times when leaders performed at their personal best.

They conducted hundreds of interviews and reviewed hundreds of cases studies and survey questionnaires. What emerged were five fundamental practices common to extraordinary leadership achievements. Now known worldwide as the most practical model of leadership development, The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® continues to prove its effectiveness in cultivating and liberating the leadership potential in anyone—at any level, in any organization—who chooses to accept the challenge to lead.

Format: 2-day workshop with a 360-degree assessment, the Leadership Practices Inventory® (LPI) to identify each leaders’ behaviors and opportunities for greater impact. This is a highly interactive workshop, suitable for groups of 36 or fewer people.

Participants Will:

  • Learn the differences between leading and managing
  • Understand the importance and impact of behaviors the boost employee engagement
  • Discover their own strengths as leaders and the areas where the behavioral choices they could make to become even more effective in leading others
  • Find out about The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® and how each will help you step into your full potential as a leader
  • Create an action plan for turning your vision into reality by applying feedback from others and self discoveries from this workshop


⭐ Who it’s for: Teams who want to improve communication, collaboration, shared decision-making, and overall effectiveness.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is the most-widely used and accepted personality assessment in the world. It is based on well-research and validated theory with proven applications in OD, management effectiveness, team dynamics, executive coaching, and development of interpersonal skills. Team workshops provide groups with an overview of type preferences and opportunity for understanding self and others to enhance workplace relationships.

Format: The Style Foundations program is a one-day, on-site workshop conducted by a Certified MBTI Practitioner. Advanced training is available in half-day modules for using MBTI in selling, leadership, conflict resolution, and coaching.

Participants Will:

  • Learn about their own and others’ natural preferences and styles using an assessment to identify 16 dominant styles.
  • Learn about the facets of personality that make everyone unique even with 16 dominant styles as a device for understanding others.
  • Work on “sorting” exercises in fun, engaging activities to deepen awareness of others’ preferences and styles.
  • Develop new approaches for communicating, collaborating, making decisions, learning and becoming more effective as a team.

⭐ Who it’s for: Teams who want to improve communication and collaboration with team members and with buyers.

Get the ECHO Listening Assessment to improve communication throughout your organization. When teams take the assessment together, they can use each individual’s listening strengths to their advantage to ensure the entire team becomes exponentially smarter and more productive than the sum of its parts.

Format: Half-day workshop for teams and work groups. Also available in three 75-minute webinar modules. This tool and content is also a high-value addition to other workshops offered by PFPS.

Participants Will:

  • Diagnose their own and others’ unique listening habits
  • Anticipate the effect their listening habits will have in workplace interactions
  • Improve communication with colleagues and customers
  • Reduce misunderstandings, conflict, and workflow disruptions
Echo Certified Practitioner


⭐ Who it’s for: Managers, Directors and People Leaders

Managers multi-task to work with employees, customers, internal partners, senior managers, and data every day. The very nature of their jobs may cause them to routinely experience information overload. They are bombarded with competing priorities and needs, often requiring quick decisions and nimble problem solving. They may act in haste without evaluating the “big picture” and the far-reaching implications of their choices and actions.

How can they get better at problem-solving, decision-making, responding appropriately to others’ demands, and long-term reasoning? Developing mental might starts with building critical thinking skills. The ability to clearly reason through problems and to present arguments in a logical, compelling way has become a key skill for success in modern management.

Format: 1-day workshop with interactive activities and pre-work to evaluate personal thinking style and awareness.

Participants Will:

tki certification

  • See examples of poor critical thinking in a humorous and engaging opening (non sequiturs, correlation vs. causation, whataboutism, circular logic, etc.).
  • Identify their own reasoning and critical thinking style.
  • Identify where they may be prone to replacing critical thinking with shortcuts: Assumptions, Explanations, Rationalizations, and Lazy Thinking.
  • Understand the difference between inductive and deductive reasoning and why this matters in decision making and situational analysis.
  • Develop situational awareness to objectively and quickly assess underlying issues and actual problems, as well as to anticipate unintended consequences of oversimplified solutions.
  • Learn a process for constructing arguments that are logical and sound.

  • Understand how inputs (sources), thought processes, and criteria influence decisions. Become more discerning is selecting quality inputs and criteria using a decision model.
  • Recognize unconscious bias and logical fallacies to improve their own refutation skills and to spot common decision traps.
  • Improve key information gathering and critical thinking skills, including active listening and questioning. Role plays and demonstrations involve all participants in skills practice.
  • Learn how to interview for and select talent with superior critical thinking abilities.
  • Become more influential by learning to prepare and present powerful arguments without causing others to become defensive or resistant to change.