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Get the ECHO Listening Assessment to Improve Communication Throughout Your Organization

In 2018, Deb Calvert became the 15th person in the world certified to administer the ECHO Listening Assessment workshop to organizations.

When teams take the assessment together, they can use each individual’s listening strengths to their advantage to ensure the entire team becomes exponentially smarter and more productive than the sum of its parts.

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What Is Effective Communication for Healthy Organizations (ECHO)?

Since its development in 2008, ECHO Listening Profile has been used extensively as a hiring, management development and training tool. ECHO identifies and helps employees grow Listening Intelligence.

Here’s why we recommend ECHO as a workplace communication tool:

⭐   It diagnoses your workforce’s unique listening habits
⭐   It anticipates the effect of those habits in workplace interactions
⭐   It proactively coaches employees toward more effective communication
⭐   It improves communications between sellers and buyers as well as internally

This means your organization can develop management techniques that foster greater collaboration.

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The price of poor listening was recently estimated to account for annual losses as high as $37 billion in Fortune 500 companies.

-Holmes Report: The Cost of Poor Communications


ECHO Listening Assessment for Workplace Teams & Supervisors


ECHO Listening Assessment for Sellers & Sales Managers

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