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For leaders at every level (and those aspiring to leadership) who need to see themselves as leaders, to develop their leadership skills, and to understand the difference between leading and managing.

PFPS lays the foundation that will help you make the difference you really want to make.

Unlike generic leadership or management skills programs, we offer emerging leadership training and coaching that is about you, the individual. Uncertain? Skeptical? We invite you to sample our free e-mail training for emerging leaders.

95% of employers think leadership development should begin by age 21.

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The average age managers first get leadership training is 42… about 10 years after they begin supervising people.
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Engage, Enable & Ennoble Your Emerging Leaders:

The #1 human capital concern among CEOs and CHROs is the retention and development of future leaders. We can help with your succession management and talent development by offering Emerging Leaders training for high potential employees.

Ideal for Emerging Leaders and Leaders at Every Level!

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