The DISCOVER Questions® Workshop

for Professional Sellers

Based on the research and award-winning book, the DISCOVER Questions® workshop enables sellers to form and sustain strong connections with buyers.

This workshop is facilitated on-site at your location and comes with a customized workbook for your sellers (branded for your organization).

Now you can be the one seller buyers actually want to talk to. 

Is DISCOVER Questions® the workshop for you? Do you want to:

  • Become more purposeful and strategic in using questions to engage your buyers?
  • Create unique and relevant value for your buyers?
  • Make every sales call count?
  • Differentiate yourself from the pack?
  • Become more effective in all stages of your sales process?

If you said YES to any of these, you’ll love this workshop!

DISCOVER Questions® Workshop

Learn How to Advance the Sale & Connect With Buyers

The DISCOVER Questions® workshop is based on the award-winning sales book of the same name. Like the book, the workshop focuses on buyer research to show you how to:

  • Build trust and form strong bonds with buyers
  • Create value with a dialogic vs. diagnostic approach
  • Advance the sale to a close more quickly and more often

DISCOVER Questions® workshop participants will learn to amplify their effectiveness and strengthen customer relationships by asking more purposeful and better-constructed questions.

  • Learn Valuable Selling Skills

    • The 12 Dimensions of Trust
    • 3 Levels of Value
    • The Buyer’s Process
    • Question Construction
    • Question Sequencing
    • Creating Value throughout the Sales Process
    • The 8 Purposes for Asking Questions (the DISCOVER model)

To access the eLearning version of this course for individuals, go to People First Leadership Academy!


“Looking back, I was inept at creating deep and meaningful dialogue. Using DISCOVER Questions® has opened so many avenues and healthy discussions for me, both personally and professionally... Being able to use DISCOVER Questions® has also opened the door for me to learn at a faster rate than ever.”
– Greg Andersen, produce sales manager
“DISCOVER Questions® transformed the way I sell.”
– Andrew Stark, digital media executive
“I have been in sales for 25 years and Deb Calvert is the best trainer I have had, and I have had many... You cannot sleep through these classes!``
– Nancy Grundy, account executive
We’ve had an opportunity to work with Deb twice now and what’s been great about that opportunity is she’s been able to tailor her approach towards our sales agents and what we really want from a training team for them to specifically work on.

She didn’t just come with some canned response with a canned workbook. She came and worked with us for a few months prior, helping us really tailor that approach and tailored material towards the rep so that it would be very relevant to them.

— Kayla Cooper, Sr. Director, Operational Sales, SelectQuote Senior

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