Sales Training

People First Productivity Solutions for All Your Sales Training Needs

People First Productivity Solutions partners with clients to fully understand the desired outcomes and provide customized, comprehensive solutions. We start with your business goals and create programs to help you achieve those goals.

People First Productivity Solutions trainers are strong facilitators who look at both the business goals and the needs of the audience being trained. We survey participants before training to understand gaps, perceptions about training, preferences for training emphasis and style, and strengths. We make every aspect of our training highly relevant to each audience so we can fully engage participants. Additionally, we use training methods that appeal to all adult learning styles so all learner needs are met throughout the session.

Our trainers have prestigious certifications from companies like AMA, ASTD, DDI, Achieve Global, and Dale Carnegie. They have a depth of industry knowledge, and we select trainers to meet the needs of each audience served. Trainers also receive People First training, as we have developed our own proprietary Competency Model for Trainers. For our customers, we have trained over 50 trainers who had no background or experience in training.

Of course, we also have a full suite of training programs for Sales Managers, Sales Reps and Sales Trainers. All PFPS programs are customizable to meet your specific needs. To get started, you can sample some of our sales training content at no cost. Tune in to our radio show, download one of our recorded webinars or podcasts or videos, or sign up for free e-mail training.

What can I expect before, during and after training?

Our clients see real and lasting change as a result of our training. We work with them to provide so much more than an off-the-shelf training session. People First training includes:

  • A survey of all training participants to assess their skills levels, understand their preferences, and give them a voice in shaping their training.
  • Customized materials and skills practice about your company, your culture and values, your market  and your needs.
  • Professional, skilled facilitation to keep learners fully engaged.
  • Training manuals, visual aids and new tools that appeal to all types of learners.
  • Consultation and tools to help reinforce training and ensure desired outcomes are reached.
  • Optional follow-up coaching for participants so they have a safe resource while they are practicing new skills.

Most importantly, you can (and should!) expect tangible results. Our tailored programs, tools, methods and experience have worked for teams just like yours. What are you waiting for? Contact us today!