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How the Collaborative Sale Brings You and Your Buyers Together

Selling has changed. Buyers have changed. Isn’t it time that you changed, too?

Easier said than done! Sales professionals who are looking for the definitive blueprint on what to change and how to change (along with why to change) won’t want to miss this live broadcast with Keith Eades and Timothy Sullivan, authors of the “The Collaborative Sale: Solution Selling in a Buyer-Driven World.” You host and on-air sales coach, Deb Calvert, will walk the authors through the history of Solution Selling and draw out what it means today.

Listeners will learn exacty what it takes to remain relevant in today’s sales environment. The hard-hitting message from Eades and Sullivan will help you identify changes you need to make and the steps you need to take ASAP.

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So… You Wanna Be a Sales Manager?

Gerhard Gschwandtner, founder and CEO of Selling Power Magazine and the popular Sales 2.0 Conferences, may have worked with more sales leaders and managers than anyone in the world. After all, he’s been interviewing them and creating content and products for them for decades…. His magazine is read by over 300,000 sales leaders every month, and over 100,000 sales executives watch his daily video channel where, you guessed it, he interviews sales leaders.

In other words, this guest knows what it takes to be a sales manager and to rise through the ranks. In this live broadcast of CONNECT!, Gschwandtner joins show host Deb Calvert to discuss how front-line sellers can best prepare themselves for a move into management. So if you’ve ever considered making the move or hope someday to do your boss’s job, be sure to tune in for this powerful interview with one of the sales industry’s most knowledgeable experts.

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CONNECT! Your Recipe for Success to Feel Good about Selling

Selling is a tough business, and it can be challenging to keep your spirits high and your self-doubts in check.

That’s why CONNECT! Online Radio for Selling Professionals is bringing special guest MK Mueller, an internationally respected authority on positive attitude, to listeners in this live broadcast.

Mueller will join show host Deb Calvert to describe the “8 to Great Success Process” and explain how you can apply these principles to transform your attitude and approach in meaningful ways.

Mueller is also the author of “Taking Care of Me: The Habits of Happiness.” Listeners throughout the world have been uplifted and challenged by Mueller, and CONNECT! listeners are one of the first groups of sales professionals to have this same opportunity.

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Working on Your Sales Performance

No, not that sales performance — you and and your sales manager are undoubtedly working on the numbers every single day.

This is a radio show about working on your performance in selling. You know, the way you perform… the way you act. That’s right! We’ll be talking about acting, and how you can use acting and performance skills to sell more effectively.

Join us as Julie Hansen, author of Act Like a Sales Professional, shares tips and techniques for improving your demos and engaging your buyers in entertaining and highly compelling ways. Julie will teach listeners how to unleash their inner performers, become storytellers and banish mundane monologues from sales presentations.

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An Update from Your Host, Deb Calvert

A brief message from Deb Calvert, your host on CONNECT! Online Radio.

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You Can Be a Profit Hero!

This is the “call to arms” that is transforming selling. Your buyers want you to be their hero, their champion who drives profit and is an earnings contributor.

Learn from author and sales trainer Bob Rickert what it means to drive profit as a seller, supplier or service provider. He’ll explain how to modify your sales language, tailor your sales approach and amplify your voice by putting profit at the heart of every customer conversation.

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Turn Fearful into Fearless in ALL Your Sales Activities

We recently completely a survey about the fears of sellers and about the sales activities that are least comfortable for sellers. The results surprised even the experts!

Join your host, Deb Calvert of People First Productivity Solutions, and her guest Kelley Robertson, President of the Robertson Training Group and author of two books packed full of sales tips, as they discuss how sellers can replace their fears with simple behavior modifications that will make them more effective AND less fearful.

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Really, Truly Creating Customer Value

Value Creation is more than business jargon. But it’s one of those trendy phrases that lots of sellers use… and that few actually deliver.

Join your on-air sales coach Deb Calvert and her guest, Andre Harrell, CEO of AH2 and Beyond Consulting, for this frank discussion about what value is, what it is not, and how sellers can effectively create value that is meaningful for their buyers.

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A Very Special Interview with Kendra Lee

Join your host Deb Calvert as she interviews renowned prospecting guru Kendra Lee on her book, “The Sales Magnet”!

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Go for No!

In sales, we are conditioned to avoid the word “no.” But here on CONNECT! Online Radio for Selling Professionals, you can cut out continuances, put an ending to pending and stop stalling out! Show host and on-air sales coach Deb Calvert espouses “effort equals opportunity” and the value of managing your time by getting firm resolution instead of ongoing continuances.

In this broadcast, Calvert will interview Andrea Waltz, co-author of the best-selling book “Go for No! Yes is the Destination, No is How You Get There.” Waltz is a professional speaker who says “There’s one major roadblock standing between most people and sales success… we’re about to remove it forever!” That roadblock is the word “no.”

Tune in to find out how to turn the negative effects of failure and rejection into a powerful positive. Learn how to handle the word “no” and make it work FOR you, not against you, in selling.

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