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They Don’t Wanna be Sold, But They Love to Buy

You’ve been in their shoes – remember that one pushy salesperson that simply wouldn’t take a hint? Even professional sellers don’t want to be sold. And now, in today’s new world of buyer empowerment, the old selling tricks don’t work anymore.So why are you still being that pushy salesperson no one likes?

That’s why we’re wrapping up 2014 with one of the biggest names in sales. Jeffrey Gitomer, best-selling sales author of twelve titles, including the Sales Bible and The Little Red Book of Selling, is coming to CONNECT! to challenge listeners to revise their tactics. You’ll learn why people buy, and how to get them to say yes to whatever offer you make. Because while no one likes being sold to, everyone likes to buy!

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Sell Value, Not Price!

Here on CONNECT!, it’s something we can’t emphasize enough – in an intensely competitive industry, value, not price, is what cuts out continuances, puts an end to pending, and stops you from stalling out.

Join us this week for an interview with Don Hutson, author of “The One-Minute Entrepreneur” and a founding board member of the National Speakers Association. Don will discuss with listeners the stories and tips offered in his new book, “Selling Value.” Don will teach you how to differentiate your offering so that you are less vulnerable to price discussions, and how to use the principles of differentiation to show buyers that your price is worth it.

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The Reluctant Sales Person

Sometimes, people wind up in sales even though it wasn’t their first choice of career. Selling wasn’t really something they aspired to, growing up, but it’s where they are now and it’s what keeps the lights on.

Tracey Jones, President of Tremendous Life Books, is here to talk to those reluctant sales people. She’ll share with listeners her story of accepting her own role as a seller, and how she embraced her “sales skin,” and learned to serve others in sales by meeting needs and offering solutions to problems. Listeners who aren’t entirely comfortable in the role of salesperson should tune in for this inspiring broadcast to learn how to step into their destinies as sellers.

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Making the Transition to Relationship Selling

What happens when the culture at your workplace begins to change? Whether it’s a shift in a sales process, or an entirely new incorporation of a sales culture, adapting to that change can leave professionals feeling unsure of themselves and their company.

Join us for this interview with Mike Patterson, the Sales Coach. Mike will tell listeners the story of Sally, an employee at a bank who has a hard time adapting to the new sales culture being introduced at her workplace. He will use this story to illustrate the importance of sales through service, building relationships and uncovering needs – and how sellers can use times of transition to forge stronger bonds with their customers and clients.

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3 Simple Steps to Amp Up Your Sales

What will take your sales to the next level? Sales author Andy Paul is returning to CONNECT! Online Radio to talk about just that.

In this interview, conducted by your host and sales coach Deb Calvert, Andy and Deb will discuss the key themes from Andy’s new book about how accelerating your responsiveness, maximizing the value delivered in each sales touch and simplifying your selling results in compressed decision cycles and greatly improved win rates. Andy will also provide a simple mnemonic device that all managers and salespeople can use to plan every sales touch, no matter how big or small, to ensure that it helping their prospects make fast and favorable decisions

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CONNECT! Accomplish Your #1 Most Important Task

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the items that need your attention? Do you have a pile of work and a mile-long to-do list and just don’t know where to start? Are you so busy taking care of small tasks that the important work doesn’t get done and you lose sight of your goals?

There’s no doubt about it: sellers are busy people! But we’ve brought in time strategist Lisa Crilley Mallis to help you get it done, every day. In this interview with your host and sales coach Deb Calvert, you’ll learn how to accomplish your #1 most important task each and every day. You can prioritize the important over the urgent and accomplish your goals.

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Innovation is your Competitive Advantage

Using Your Innovation Quotient Edge to Gain the Upper Hand

In today’s hyper connected, highly informed and competitive world you have to bring more than information to the table. You have to bring innovative ideas and valuable insights to the conversation. Wouldn’t it be great if you had the knowledge and the tools to be more innovative? To deliver more innovative solutions to your prospects and clients?

Join your host and sales coach Deb Calvert for this engaging interview with Tamara Kleinberg, author, speaker and president of The Shuuk. In our time with Tamara, we are going to learn how knowing your Innovation Quotient Edge (IQE) can help you train your brain to be innovative on demand and how to use innovation to gain the competitive edge, so you can cut out continuances, put an end to pending, and stop stalling out.

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Has your Value Proposition Been Neutralized?

Too many sales organizations are very good at a game no longer being played. They have perfected the ability to consistently hit the target, but the target has changed. The Internet has essentially marginalized and neutralized their traditional value proposition.

In this interview with Rick Farrell, president of Tangent Knowledge Systems, learn how to differentiate yourself, create brand equity, and truly understand if your customer has a motivating reason to buy.

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Essential Habits of Sales Superstars

Habits are what separates the wheat from the chaff in business, and everyone wants to know what habits get you to the top. The same is true in sales – the right habits are what enables salespeople, small business owners, entrepreneurs and more to cut out continuances, put an end to pending and stop stalling out. Join us for an interview with trainer and author Butch Bellah as we discuss his book “The 10 Essential Habits of Sales Superstars: Plugging into The Power of Ten.”

In this engaging dicussion with Butch and show host Deb Calvert, they’ll go into the details on a few of these habits, and how selling professionals can develop good solid habits on which to build and grow their business.

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Are You Sure You Heard the Right Objection?

Overcoming objections is useless… unless you’re dealing with the buyer’s true objection.

Join CONNECT! Online Radio this week for an interview with Mary Anne Wihbey Davis. Mary Anne will share tips from her book “The Sales Messenger, Ten Lessons for Sales Success in Your Business and Personal Life” on how to surface what’s really holding buyers back. She’ll share information about bridging the gap, using language that keeps you from sounding defensive or aggressive in handling objections, and how you can be more effective in responding to your customers’ concerns or complaints. Her information is relevant to all industries and has been known to increase her clients sales revenues by up 60 percent.

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