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Innovation is your Competitive Advantage

Using Your Innovation Quotient Edge to Gain the Upper Hand

In today’s hyper connected, highly informed and competitive world you have to bring more than information to the table. You have to bring innovative ideas and valuable insights to the conversation. Wouldn’t it be great if you had the knowledge and the tools to be more innovative? To deliver more innovative solutions to your prospects and clients?

Join your host and sales coach Deb Calvert for this engaging interview with Tamara Kleinberg, author, speaker and president of The Shuuk. In our time with Tamara, we are going to learn how knowing your Innovation Quotient Edge (IQE) can help you train your brain to be innovative on demand and how to use innovation to gain the competitive edge, so you can cut out continuances, put an end to pending, and stop stalling out.

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Has your Value Proposition Been Neutralized?

Too many sales organizations are very good at a game no longer being played. They have perfected the ability to consistently hit the target, but the target has changed. The Internet has essentially marginalized and neutralized their traditional value proposition.

In this interview with Rick Farrell, president of Tangent Knowledge Systems, learn how to differentiate yourself, create brand equity, and truly understand if your customer has a motivating reason to buy.

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Essential Habits of Sales Superstars

Habits are what separates the wheat from the chaff in business, and everyone wants to know what habits get you to the top. The same is true in sales – the right habits are what enables salespeople, small business owners, entrepreneurs and more to cut out continuances, put an end to pending and stop stalling out. Join us for an interview with trainer and author Butch Bellah as we discuss his book “The 10 Essential Habits of Sales Superstars: Plugging into The Power of Ten.”

In this engaging dicussion with Butch and show host Deb Calvert, they’ll go into the details on a few of these habits, and how selling professionals can develop good solid habits on which to build and grow their business.

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Are You Sure You Heard the Right Objection?

Overcoming objections is useless… unless you’re dealing with the buyer’s true objection.

Join CONNECT! Online Radio this week for an interview with Mary Anne Wihbey Davis. Mary Anne will share tips from her book “The Sales Messenger, Ten Lessons for Sales Success in Your Business and Personal Life” on how to surface what’s really holding buyers back. She’ll share information about bridging the gap, using language that keeps you from sounding defensive or aggressive in handling objections, and how you can be more effective in responding to your customers’ concerns or complaints. Her information is relevant to all industries and has been known to increase her clients sales revenues by up 60 percent.

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Never Be Closing

How to sell better without screwing your customers, your colleagues or yourself

The ABCs is something that has been sales common knowledge for a long time – “always be closing” is, depending on the expert you ask, either time-tested truth or an outdated idealogoy that doesn’t work anymore. But author Tim Hurson is here to turn that on it’s ear and command sellers to do just the opposite – never be closing.

In this interview, conducted by your sales coach and host Deb Calvert, you’ll hear about Tim’s new book, Never Be Closing. Tim will share advice from advanced and accidental sales people on a new, structured approach to selling, based on solving problems and building relationships.

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CONNECT! Adversaries Into Allies

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Legendary Service

Service is one of the most important elements of sales, and a crucial element to get connected with your buyers.

Join us for an authors’ round table with Vicki Halsey and Kathy Cuff, two of the co-authors of “Legendary Service,” a new book put out by the Ken Blanchard team! Vicki and Kathy will discuss with show host Deb Calvert why service is so important, what the key to excellent service is, how to empower your teams with service, and how to serve both internal and external customers.

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CONNECT! The Secret Psychology of Customer-Focused Selling

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Exclusive Interview with Anthony Iannarino on How to Defend Your Price

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How the Collaborative Sale Brings You and Your Buyers Together

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